What is Gluecon?

Cloud, DevOps, Mobile, APIs, Big Data — all of the converging, important trends in technology today share one thing in common: developers. Developers are the vanguard. Developers are building in the cloud, building mobile applications, utilizing and building APIs, and working with big data. At the end of the day, developers are the core.

“Glue is a case study of what a conference is supposed to be.”

Gluecon Exists...

because we believe that for all of the cloud, mobile and big data tech conferences that are out there, none of them are as focused on developers as they should be.

Gluecon Covers...

topics like NoSQL, API’s, Node.js, HTML5, Backend-as-a-Service, cloud management and security, cloud storage, Hadoop, DevOps, Mobile App development, cloud platforms, and many, many others.

Who's Coming...

If you’re a developer, gluecon is your conference. So, be in touch, get involved, and come hack something at Gluecon with us.


Recent Posts:
7 05, 2014

Student Passes for Gluecon

  • May 7th, 2014

Every year, we try to do some student passes for Gluecon (free passes, that is). They always end up coming in the last 2 weeks (which I know is frustrating if you’re not local), […]

7 05, 2014

Camp DevOps

  • May 7th, 2014

There’s a TON going on at Gluecon, but I wanted to draw your attention to one event that’s happening on the 20th (the day before Gluecon proper starts) — especially if you’re local to […]

2 05, 2014

Women in Tech….Going, going, gone!

  • May 2nd, 2014

So, I guess my post back in March flew under the radar, as even I just noticed that I have 3 women in tech scholarships (courtesy of AT&T) left for Gluecon.

The deal is simple: […]

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